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We are passionate to bring the joy of Chess to all ages

Get both Offline and Online Chess Training from our Professional Chess Trainers. At FUN! Chess Classes, our experienced coaches will help you cultivate Chess Mastery.

Learning is supposed to be FUN! and you learn Chess best when you are having fun at it. We are not here to create a factory of Chess players, we are here to imbue passion & respect for this beautiful game.

Daily activities

Why do kids love our revolutionary approach to Chess?

FUN-First Approach

Our FUN! approach makes us a kid-friendly chess coaching institute. We encourage kids to be naturally inquisitve, and have fun with them in the process. Learning is always Fun!

Noise is good!

Excuse us but we love the noise! Thats how we know that the kids are getting involved. We crank up the volume, and make laughter a part of the Learning journey

Learning Together

We enable kids to think critically, make smart decisions, & how to stay focused, patient and emotionally resilient. The game of Chess offers a lot of learning opportunities in Life

Focus sessions

Everything is fun & games, but we know how and when to bring kids back to focus. Afterall, the game itself teaches them the need to stay focused at moments that matter!

FUN Chess Classes are brilliantly organizing the Chess in Schools initiative in our School. More and more kids are taking interest by the day! They make learning fun & are extremely professional

Sayali Pandit

Principal of a School in Thane

chess curriculum according to levels

Learn according to your convenience


The game seems interesting to you and you always wanted to learn it, this one is for you!

Learn about the basics of Chess, how pieces move, check & checkmate, and get acquainted to the game. Sessions will depend on your age how you can understand the concepts.


You know the basics – how pieces move, how to give a check or how to checkmate. Its time to level-up your game now, with this Beginner course.

Get to know famous openings, traps, tactics and strategies in Chess. Learn about top grandmasters and how to improve your game. This course will help you stop making blunders!


Here we delve deeper into advanced tactics, positional understanding and opening & endgame mastery.

This level helps you to compete at professional chess tournaments. Its very interesting to play such games, and for that we need preparedness followed by a plan to win matches.

so many ways to learn !

Chess Training Programs


Summer Camp

We organize a Chess Summer Camp in May & June every year for New-in-Chess, Beginners & Intermediate level players. Join now to improve your Chess game

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Every Sunday

Online Classes

Join Online Chess Classes for Kids and learners of all ages. These can be organized in a group or individual setting. Learn from online chess training

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All days

Offline Classes

Offline Chess Classes at home for kids. Our qualified chess trainers will visit your home for teaching Chess. Check the Cities down below from our List

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All days

Chess in Schools

Suggest your School PE Teacher to enrol your school in our Chess in Schools program. Learn Chess together with other schoolmates

About Chess-in-School >

On Enquiry


We have established a few centre based chess coaching at locations like Activity Rooms. Check out our list of affiliated centres below :

FUN Chess Classes Centers >

All days


Set up your home as a center for learning Chess. Invite friends and fellow learners to join you as you learn Chess together

About FUN@Home Program >

Any day

We welcome everyone into our program based on their skill levels & birth year

Designed to help children realize their potential

Monthly LiChess Tournaments

Special Training Modules

Carefully curated Chess puzzles

Monthly Progress Reports

Goal-oriented Programs

Integrating Chess with Yoga

Meet our chess coaches

Experienced Chess Coaches around the World

Sandesh Prabhu

Course Creator – FUN Chess Classes

Rajesh Bhuriya

Head Chess Coach – Mumbai

Kajal Patil

Chess Intructor – Mumbai (Central Line)

What parents say

Watching my child’s journey with FUN! Chess Classes has been remarkable. From the first time he learnt the game, he has become more focused, he has learnt how to sit and concentrate. I feel he has grown tremendously in the past 3 month and all thanks to Rajesh Sir he has taught Chess so patiently and caringly.

Mr. Rusheel Desai
(parent of Ridhan Desai)

More than just a Chess Academy

We are here to create a revolution in Chess, to make it as famous as Football or Cricket is

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